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Roanoke ENT offers ClariFix

Do you suffer from chronic runny nose? Chronic rhinitis is inflammation of the nasal mucosa causing excessive mucus production, possibly triggered by allergies or another form of irritant. Nerves in the posterior (or back) nasal area regulate the production of mucus. If these nerves are overstimulated or irritated then nasal secretions, or mucus, is made. Symptoms of chronic rhinitis include:

  • Post nasal drip
  • Nasal congestion
  • Nasal itching
  • Frequent sneezing

In our effort to provide exceptional care for our patients, we are now offering a procedure called ClariFix® to help reduce excess production of mucus. This is a safe, effective in-office sinus procedure that requires minimal time away from home or office.

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What is ClariFix®?

ROVA ENT is pleased to offer ClariFix®, a minimally invasive, innovative procedure that can be performed in the office to help reduce the production of mucus. The ClariFix® procedure utilizes cryotherapy treatment to ablate the posterior nasal nerves. The treatment is designed to disrupt the errant nerve signals that cause rhinitis. ClariFix® is an FDA approved, safe procedure with minimal discomfort and offers patients significant improvement in symptoms, including congestion and chronic runny nose. 

What to Expect During Treatment

After Dr. Lenkowski determines that you are a candidate for the ClariFix® procedure, you will receive local anesthetic in the back of the nose near the posterior nasal nerves. When you are fully numbed, an endoscope and the small ClariFix instrument will be placed very close to the posterior nasal nerves. Through the endoscope Dr. Lenkowski will be able to visualize the areas of inflammation caused by the overstimulated nerves in the nasal passages. Using the cryotherapy instrument, he delivers the freezing cryotherapy treatment to that area to ablate the nerves causing the chronic rhinitis. The procedure takes only a few minutes on each side.