When Sinus Infections Don’t Go Away

Sinus infections are a common problem for most of us, particularly when the seasons change. You know the symptoms: postnasal drainage, stuffy nose, pressure around your eyes and forehead, and nasal discharge. Sometimes it comes [...]

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Ear Infection and Children

You wake up at the sound of your child crying. You go to check on them and find that they are warm to the touch and even though they should be sleeping they are acting [...]

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6 Symptoms of Sinus Infection

Sinus infections and colds have similar symptoms, so knowing which is which can be helpful. In this article, we will discuss the symptoms of sinus infection and what that means for you. Believe it or [...]

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Sinus Infections: Bacterial Vs. Viral

Sinus infections are a very common condition with more than 3 million cases being formally diagnosed in the US each year. Sinus infection is usually resolved within days to weeks.  However, if you develop acute [...]

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October is National Audiology Awareness Month

The American Academy of Audiology dedicated the month of October to be National Audiology Awareness Month, a time for promoting public awareness and the importance of hearing protection. It's a time to evaluate our hearing [...]

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